Tuan-Anh Nguyen,  Graduate MSc Computing Science student at Radboud University, specialising in Software Science. Now a Graduate Software Engineer at Wise.

About Me

Currently, I reside in Estonia. I can be found experimenting around the balance between work and play. In the long-term, I want to explore different cultures by living in different countries.

I strongly believe that, given enough time and effort, (almost) anyone can achieve the goals they set. Seeing the payoff from genuine time and effort being put into something, is one of the most satisfying things in life. I therefore enjoy helping people, as long as they put in at least as much effort as I put into helping them.

I dabble in all kinds of things, such as Cooking.
Feel free to book a meeting with me if there is anything you wanna chat about.



Tailwind CSS

App which allows 2 parties to create a 'space', in which they can ask each other questions, to understand each other better.

Gym Party

React Native

Collaborative fitness app.

Vacation Planner


A collaborative vacation planner. Plan activities per day and keep track of a bagage checklist, which can be shown in an overview to view what everyone is bringing with.